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About Me


I’m Julio, Product Designer with a passion for designing beautiful and functional user experiences, with a focus on digital product design. I craft engaging design solutions for products with new & complex visions. I’ve worked on a wide range of products and experiences, including native and mobile web apps. I have also helped businesses by improving their products.

My main strength is multi-disciplinary and collaborative design thinking. I specialize in defining complex user interactions and experiences across platforms and devices, product design and development, UX + UI design, interactive design, visual design, usability testing, user research, design sprints and rapid prototyping.

"I love doing this stuff! Try and test webflow to make this web is a lovely challenge".

I’m interested in taking on new challenges that involve learning new technologies and methods of doing things differently. I read a lot of tech blogs/magazines and love learning and writing in new languages in my spare time.

Proactivity, teamwork, collaboration and agility are my daily values to keep improving my skills and learn anything from anyone everyday.

#UXERTALKS: Mobility and UX, innovation comes to transport. @ Madrid 2019
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